Practical information about the breed specialty September 6th

Welcome to NBSK’s breed specialty show at Hvam high school September 6th!

Please note that the Norwegian Saint Bernard Club will also host their specialty show at the same arena.

We have a huge entry, so a lot of cars need to park on the school grounds, and we kindly encourage you to think practical and rationally, leaving room for as many cars as possible. There are several parking lots in the school ground, but it is strictly forbidden to park on the grass.

Unfortunately, the school doesn’t allow camping on the grounds, and your show tents cannot be set up until Sunday morning.

To make the show as visitor friendly as possible, there will be designated areas for the tents, to avoid crowding the rings. Please respect the marks and signs. This illustration shows where you can put up your tents. It’s in Norwegian, so here’s a tiny dictionary for our foreign guests:
Telt = tent
Teltfri = no tents
Dommer = judge
NBSK = The Norwegian Bernese Mountain Dog Club
NSBK = The Norwegian Saint Bernard Club
Sek = secretary/info
Kiosk = kiosk

In the kiosk you can buy barbeque food, baguettes, Norwegian vaffel, cold and hot drinks. Please remember Norwegian currency, as we don’t accept cards.

The merchandise committee wil also be present with their goods, including warm clothes for the approaching autumn weather.

We offer free parking, free entry and free catalogue. Couple’s class is also free, but must be entered on show ground.

When a class is being placed in one ring, the judging will take a pause in the other ring, ensuring everyone can see who gets the best results in all classes, even if we have two rings. We have also adopted a continental tradition, so all individual results will be noted down on flippovers in the rings in the hope of accommodating for best possible service for everyone.

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