EDS & Specialty Show

Dinner on September 5th.

PM spesialen 06.09.2015.

Practical information about the show ground.


The Norwegian Bernese Mountain Dog Club would like to invite you to our breed specialty show on Sunday September 6th. We have 23 puppies, 150 adults and 12 progeny-/breeder classes entered.

This is the day after breed judging at the European Dog Show. For the EDS, there are entered 175 adult BMDs and 16 puppies, and we hope to see all of you at our specialty show.

Judges at the specialty show are:
Satu Ylä-Mononen, Finland: All puppies, males, best breeder class, best progency class.
Helen Davenport-Willis, Great Britain: Females, Best of Breed.

A dog which is already a champion abroad, will become Norwegian champion by winning the CAC from one of these shows. One CAC is handed out for males, and one CAC for bitches.

For a dog who isn’t already a champion, the CAC will rest, and make the dog Norwegian champion as soon as it gains its title somewhere else.

We would like to inform our guests that from 01.01.2015 a new clause in the Norwegian Show Regulations was introduced. A dog is no longer able to receive more CACs than needed for its title, regardless of age.
In Norway, we have two types of CAC – the major CAC won on an international show (not the CACIB) or the main specialty show (and this specialty show, as an exclusive bonus), and the minor CAC won on national shows or local specialty shows. To become a Norwegian champion, you need:

a) One major CAC as a champion in another country or
b) Three CACs won from three different judges, at least one of them a major CAC, and at least one of them won after two years of age.

Up until 31.12.2014, a dog could win a limitless amount of CACs until it became a champion, while now the CAC will be passed on to the next dog in line who needs it. So, if a dog under two years of age has already won one minor and one major CAC, it cannot win anymore CACs until it’s two years old. Thus, your dog may win the Norwegian major CAC on the EDS or the specialty show, without even winning your class.

The Norwegian Kennel Club has decided that the lowest entry fee for the specialty shows cannot be lower than the lowest entry fee for the European Dog Show. So the entry fee is 590 NOK, and 200 NOK for puppies. From the third dog in an official class, you get a 50 percent discount onwards. This does not include puppies. Breeding and progency classes are free of charge. So is couple’s class.
To compensate for the higher entry fee, NBSK would like to inform our guests that parking and entry to the show ground will be free of charge, catalogues are included in the entry, every participating dog will receive a gift, and there’s a 100 NOK discount following each entry for the social gathering the evening prior.

How to enter the specialty show.

At the evening of the 5th, we would like to invite all our Bernese-friends from Europe and further away for a social gathering. This will be held at Sanngrund camping, not far from where the specialty show will be held. E-mail them for booking or more information, and use code-word Bernerspesial.

Invitation to the dinner on September 5th 2015

Judges at the EDS are Peter J M Montfoort, The Netherlands (males and BOB) and Terje Lindstrøm, Norway (females). More information at European Dogshow.

For alternatives to accommodations, we recommend Vormsund Golf Hotell, merely 11 km away from Sanngrund, and thus 11 km closer to both show grounds. Please e-mail for booking, and use code-word Bernerspesial.

Tick the dates off in your calendar, and keep an eye on this site for more information. You can also join our Facebook event for updates.

Changes may occur.

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